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Gift of 5 infused avocado oils 8 oz each

$49.99 $55.99 saving $6.00
Gift of 5 infused avocado oils 8 oz each

Gift of 5 infused avocado oils 8 oz each

$49.99 $55.99 saving $6.00

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Choose all five flavors of these artisan infused avocado oils and save 20%: basil, rosemary, roasted garlic, chili and ginger-turmeric-orange.

Now you can really have fun in the kitchen with these versatile, high heat, flavorful infused avocado oils!

Pour the citrus oil on top of dark leafy greens and add some dried fruit and nuts/seeds on top,  roast some lamb or new potatoes in the oven with rosemary oil, make a summer tomato and mozzarella salad and drizzle some basil oil on top or whip up a cold gazpacho and finish it with the chili oil.  Voila', dinner is ready! If you run out of ideas, gift a friend with the garlic oil and they will love you forever!


Our process:

The flavor in our oil comes from the herbs and ingredients we use for infusion, not a flavoring or an essential oil. Infusing takes a longer, more involved artisan process  where we allow the ingredients to infuse the oil for 24-48 hours. This process yields a quality oil with bold flavor, also providing the nutritional benefit of the ingredients used for infusion.



Our oils are excellent for dipping, drizzle on dishes to add some pizzazz, or use it for any recipe that calls for bold flavor. Our oils are high heat, suitable for sauteing, stir fry or grilling too!


Quality promise:

We use only premium quality avocado oil for our infusions. Our avocado oil is cold pressed from Hass avocados grown in Mexico. The oil is manufactured  in an SQF Certified facility using best practice standards in food safety and quality. Our 100% pure avocado oil was made through a gentle, non chemical refining process to proved a safe, quality and high heat culinary oil of 550 Fahrenheit. You can rest assured about the quality and safety of our oils: there's no hexane, no artificial ingredients, no harsh chemicals for refining, it is naturally non-gmo and is high in monounsaturated fat (70%). Our 100% pure avocado oil has nothing but the  goodness coming from avocados.