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100% Pure Avocado oil 17 oz (500 Ml) Pack of Three

$31.99 $34.99 saving $3.00
100% Pure Avocado oil 17 oz (500 Ml) Pack of Three

100% Pure Avocado oil 17 oz (500 Ml) Pack of Three

$31.99 $34.99 saving $3.00

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Buy three bottles of Neomega 100% pure avocado oil and save!

Neomega's avocado oil is made of 100% pure avocados. Our oils are made by expeller pressing the pulp of the avocado fruit and then it is gently refined to create a high heat culinary oil of up to 500 F.  Avocado oil contains up to 70% monounsaturated fat and it has a clean, neutral taste and a light golden color. 

Neomega Avocado oil is a highly versatile culinary oil. Because of its light neutral taste, fatty acid profile and high heat, it is suitable for many culinary applications like salads, sauteeing, marinades, stir fry, drizzle on dishes, mayonnaise, paleo recipes, baking or stir fry.  

Check out our recipes for inspiration. 

We source our oils from sustainable sources and test it for purity. 

Neomega Avocado oil Benefits

We care about the health benefits of our food products and offer only foods of highest quality and safety. 

Heart health: Avocado oil contains heart health supporting monounsaturated fat (up to 70%) which has been clinically shown to support heart health. Research suggests that the Mediterranean diet is supportive of health and avocado oil is an excellent addition to the Mediterranean diet because of its high monounsaturated fat content. Avocado oil also contains vitamin E and beta-sitosterol, two powerful antioxidants. 

High heat: Neomega avocado oil is suitable for heat up to 500 Fahrenheit. It is one of the highest heat culinary oils and therefore the safest oils to use for high heat cooking. 

Other excellent benefits of cooking with avocado oil:

  • Helps maintain optimal cholesterol: because it is high in monounsaturated fat, avocado oil helps reduce bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol. 
  • Improves blood pressure: avocado oil has been shown clinically to reduce high blood pressure by affecting the composition of fatty acids in the kidneys and heart. 
  • Helps in the absorption of nutrients: avocado oil is a highly nourishing food because it plays a key role in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and minerals in the body. Research suggests that good fats are essential for our bodies optimal functioning.  
  • Improves digestion: good fats help the digestive system function better
  • Protects the health of your skin: because avocado oil is high in vitamin E and other key nutrients, it helps protect the skin and provides hydration for dry cracked skin.  
Disclaimer: the above statements have not been evaluated by a doctor or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) . The above statements are clinically supported research findings about the benefits of avocado oil.