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whole30, shoplocalraleigh, gototbenc, anti inflammatory, farm to table, herbs, infused, avocado oil

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Rosemary Infused Avocado oil 8 oz (250 ML)

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Rosemary and avocado oil??? Oh yes! Say hello to a handful of fresh rosemary herbs right out of the bottle!

Rosemary is the queen of aromatic herbs! Its sweet and bold aroma complements well many recipes from salads to roasted meats to vegetables or dips! We have hand selected the freshest, young rosemary herbs to infuse our oils with the most flavor. Through our unique, proprietary infusion process, we are able to preserve most of the essential oils from the rosemary plant, creating this way a fragrant, aromatic rosemary infused avocado oil.

This oil is suitable for high heat cooking, excellent  for sautéing, stir-fry, making dips, salad dressing or for marinating fish or meat. Hint: roasted lamb and rosemary avocado oil are a happy combination! Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself! 

 More on our process...

Neomega infused avocado oils are the first true herb infused avocado oils where the flavor comes 100% from organic herbs and plants.  Our oils are  sustainably sourced, made in small batches, chemical free, preservative free, and hand crafted through an artisan infusion process. The secret is in pressing the herbs into the oil after the infusion process which makes a uniquely flavorful, versatile culinary oil.

Add to that the benefits of 100% cold pressed avocado oil that is high heat (500 F), contains 70% monounsaturated fat (the heart healthy fat) and is naturally high in antioxidants like Vitamin E.

In each Neomega Avocado Oil you get only the best from ripened HASS avocados grown on sunny farms in Mexico and organic herbs like rosemary and basil from small farmers in North Carolina, Oregon and throughout the world. That's all! No artificial ingredients, like Hexane, trans fats, or preservatives of any kind. Each bottle contains the pure fat from avocados and the aroma from herbs naturally pressed into the oil. We use the plant itself for infusions, not essential oils to lend  their true aroma to the oil. 

The benefits of avocado oil have been widely documented by health experts. It's dubbed the number 1 culinary oil due to its high heat and healthy fat profile. Add to that the power of herbs that pack a nutritional punch besides their fresh aroma.

Herbal Infusions


  • Paleo - Keto - Vegan -friendly diet
  • Healthy fat for energy and improved metabolism
  • Shown to maintain heart health

    How to Use

    • Use in place of conventional or flavored oils
    • Use as finishing oils for cold soups or gourmet dishes
    • Roasting, Stir-Fry-Grilling
    • Salad dressing
    • Baking
    • Marinading


      • 100% cold pressed avocado oil, rosemary herb