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Watermelon salad

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Summer, sunshine, hot temperatures....we get it! You need to chill out and we have just the right thing for you: a cooling, refreshing and super delish watermelon salad!

It is super easy to make and also, ready in 1-2-3!

All you need is right here below:

1. Cut the watermelon in squares

2. Chop fresh cilantro, scallions and top the watermelons.

3. Top with feta cheese.You can omit the cheese if you are vegan.

4. Top with balsamic vinegar and our ginger-turmeric-orange avocado oil.

That is all folks. Easy peasy lemon squeezy as my kids say. Have no clue what it means, but I have a hunch it means it is easy.

Bon Appetit!



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