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Basil Avocado Mayo

This basil avocado mayo will light up any veggie you dip it in! It's a pesto mayo. Or mayo pesto. Or creamy, smooth, delicious basilicious heavenly goodness!

Whatever we call it it's is hmmmmm... hmmmmmm.... good!!!

And the best part, it is ready in 5 minutes and requires only 3 ingredients!

Ok are you READY, SET, GO!


1 cup of Neomega Basil Infused Avocado Oil

1 organic egg yolk

1 tsp yellow mustard


Start with mixing the egg yolk with the mustard. Stir continually while smooth and mixed all the way. Start adding the basil avocado oil a little at a time and continue stirring with a wooden spoon. DO NOT use an electric mixer or food processor of any kind. This will break the mayo and make it curd.

basil avocado mayo, clean 30, avocado mayo recipe

You have to use your hands to mix the oil into the mixture little at a time. The oil mixes with air while you stir it and makes the mayo fluffy and creamy.

avocado mayo recipe

Once you used up the 1 cup of oil you are done.

Use it on fresh veggies, sandwiches, dips, appetizers! Make sure to refrigerate it and use it up in 2 max 3 days!




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