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Turkey Basil Wrap


turkey wrap, kids lunch, school lunch

Mom's life is hard: get up first, make breakfast, get the kids ready for school, nag them to hurry, wash up, brush their teeth, eat their breakfast faster, to pack their book bags, and so on...the list is endless. All this before 7 am. And then there's packing lunch: the biggest challenge, right?

Sure we could do peanut butter and jelly every day but who needs all that sugar, not to mention the carbs from the bread. And it gets sooo boring after a while. 

Time to spice things up with this easy to make smoked turkey wrap, ready in as little as 1-2-3!

We used ready made spinach wrap for this recipe. We spread basil pesto, added smoked turkey and rolled it up.

turkey wrap, school lunch, kids lunch ideas


Finally cut it to 2 inches wide and lunch is ready. We are serving it here with cherry tomatoes and cantalopes. 

In the Snack Box: dried fruits and nuts.


kids lunch, school lunch, turkey wrap, kids snack, kids healthy snack