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Be the Bee Campaign


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We want to spread the message far and wide: caring for our Earth and our soil truly pays off on the long run. We all know that our food choices impact our health. But did you know the health of our soil impacts the quality of our food, the nutrient density of our food and it has a great impact on our climate as well.

According to the Duke Nicholas School of the Environment, the environmental costs of food waste are quite staggering. 3.3. billion metric tons of carbon dioxide are released each year through the production, harvesting, transporting and packaging of (ultimately) wasted food. Once food reaches the landfills, the scraps begin to decompose, releasing methane gas into the atmosphere. Methane gas has a warming potential of roughly 21 times that of carbon dioxide, meaning it has an even larger impact on the global climate than CO2.

When you browse the data and look at the statistics on climate change, trying to combat it by making changes in your daily life can sometimes seem daunting. As an individual, solving a problem of this magnitude can seem downright impossible. On those days, when you feel like throwing in the towel, try taking a cue from the bees. In a colony, each bee has its role. Some pollinate, some make the honey, some guard the queen, and each and every single bee contributes in their own way to something much greater. One bee alone can’t make the honey, or keep countless species of plant life pollinated, but together, they can do incredible things. A problem like climate change may not be fixable by one person alone, but if we all do our part, we can make a HUGE impact! Just like the bees, we are doing our part, and working towards something wonderful. And you can too!


We can all make a huge difference each day, through the simple act of composting. According to the EPA, 34% of methane emissions in the US are attributed to landfills, which are the largest direct human source of methane.

Methane is 23-71 times as bad as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in our atmosphere, and composting can lower your carbon footprint by a staggering amount! For instance, over 50% of municipal garbage is compostable. US landfills and incinerators receive 167 million tons of trash every year. We have the power to cut that number in half!





       This Spring, the  Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), a UN committee, whose report was written by 145 experts from 50 countries, provided a bleak picture of our precious Planet's future. One million of the Planet's eight million species are threatened by exctincion due to human population growth, pollution and global warming. According to the most recent report by scientists permafrost in the Arctic is melting at a much more increased rate than previously anticipated, releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and changing the landscape. 

Yikes! Not sure about you but we think this is NOT GOOD news folks. We are in the midts of a climate crisis and we all have a share in it.
We all can do something about it!
Simple steps like using the AC less. Or refuse, reuse recycle. Buy less plastic. Compost.
Out of all these, composting has the biggest impact on our climate by trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

You CAN make a difference by being a Bee and start composting today!