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Deviled eggs with avocado mayo

Deviled eggs with avocado mayo

Deviled eggs is an all time favorite appetizer. it is easy to make and it is a crowd pleaser for sure. Add avocado mayo to it and you have a decadent, creamy, rich appetizer. The smooth texture of the mayo with the eggs combined gives a rich taste and is very nourishing. The best part is: it is super easy to make and it is all home made.

Step 1: boil  6-8 medium/ large eggs in water for about 10. Allow the eggs to sit in the hot water for another 10 minutes. While the eggs are cooking make the avocado mayo.

Mayo Ingredients : 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp yellow mustard, 1/2 -3/4 cup avocado oil, 2 tbs organic sour cream, lemon juice and salt.

Method: add the egg yolk, mustard and 2 tsp avocado oil in a bowl and start stirring until smooth. Once smooth start adding the oil little at a time. Pour a little oil then stir until smooth, pour some more oil then stir some more. The oil mixes with the air and makes the mayo grow in volume and thicken. It is important to stir in the same direction every time. Once all the oil is added to the mayo and stirred in,  add the sour cream, half lemon juice and salt to taste.

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Step 2: peel the eggs and cut in half long side. Scoop the egg yolks in a bowl. Place the halved egg whites on a platter.

Step 3: Make the filling: cream the gg yolks with a fork. Add salt pepper, 1 tsp yellow mustard, 3 tsp mayo and 1.5 tsp dill weed. Mix until creamy. Fill the eggs with this mixture and place them back on the platter with the filling facing down. 

Step 4: Cover with the avocado mayo. Serve with toasted organic bread on the side.