Ginger Turmeric Orange Avocado Oil is a HIT!

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Good Food Never Tasted This Good!



Neomega Avocado oil  is an extraordinary product. Not only does it support cardiac health, it also can help with weight management and healthy aging. I love it’s mild flavor and the ability to use in every day cooking.

Dr. Kimberly Ramsdell

The Ginger-Turmeric-Orange Avocado Oil will bring your lettuces to life.

Phil Lempert Supermarket Guru

I got a bottle of the Avocado oil at the Fortnight Pop Up market on Saturday and used it to prepare dinner for my family. Handmade Tortellini and a beet and cucumber salad. After placing the tortellini on platter I merely drizzled the Avocado oil over pasta and OH MY! It was delicious! Will definitely get more! High quality Avocado oil.

Karen Dumers, Cary NC