Spice up your cooking

Spice up your cooking

We harnessed the power of herbs!

We harnessed the power of herbs!

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Bring your veggies to life!

Bring your veggies to life!


Meet the first true herb infused avocado oils

We harnessed the power of herbs by infusing them into our 100% cold pressed avocado oil! We add organic herbs like basil and rosemary and good little roots like ginger and turmeric to make the most flavorful, versatile and high heat culinary oils you ever landed in your kitchen. We are creating the first true herbal avocado oils through our proprietary, artisan infusion process. Our oils are excellent as finishing oils or for cooking due to their high flash point of 500 Fahrenheit. Go ahead, give them a try!
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Recipe of the week: Avocado Hummus

We made this hummus with avocado oil and topped it with our chili infused avocado oil for that extra Pizzazz. A total hit with the crowd from age 4 to 99. Promise!
Recipe  of the week: Avocado Hummus

In the Spotlight

Our ginger-turmeric-orange avocado oil was a HIT with Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert with a nutrition rating of 15 out of 15. This nourishing oil is suitable for high heat cooking up to 500 Fahrenheit. Use it on salads, broil fish or saute veggies for that refreshing citrus flavor combined with the added benefits of ginger, turmeric and the 70% monounsaturated fat from avocado oil.
In the Spotlight


"Neomega Avocado oil is an extraordinary product. Not only does it support cardiac health, it also can help with weight management and healthy aging. I love it’s mild flavor and the ability to use in every day cooking.
I am using NEOMEGA Avocado oil for sautéeing, cooking, and greasing baking dishes and skillets. I love the fact that the burning point of this oil is very high! Excellent for onion sautéeing. Love this product!
Great oil for cooking! I have been using it for months now, and I would NEVER change to any other oil. My kids love it and the salads are simply delicious. It's natural, rich flavor is unique and it's properties are outstanding for day to day use.
I got a bottle of the Avocado oil at the Fortnight Pop Up market on Saturday and used it to prepare dinner for my family. Handmade Tortellini and a beet and cucumber salad. After placing the tortellini on platter I merely drizzled the Avocado oil over pasta and OH MY! It was delicious! Will definitely get more! High quality Avocado oil.
First, I decided to try the basil oil on my pasta. I cooked up some pasta with shredded chicken, and instead of topping it with olive oil, I drizzled on some Basil Avocado Oil. Honestly, the taste was amazing. It kept the pasta nice and light, while adding the taste of fresh basil, which is one of my favorite flavors.
These oils are AMAZING! I got the opportunity to try the avocado oil for my sustainability event and it was so light and delicious! It makes you want to have oil! Truly incredible product, cant wait to make all of my oils Neomega oils!